Sunday, April 26, 2015

Runway Angels Miss POPULAR 2015

The Game has began TODAY! Which one that you will vote as the Runway Angels Miss POPULAR 2015??

The Favorite SHELA?
The Exotic ZAIRAH?
The Hottest RHERE?
The Smartest LONI?

The winner will solely depend on your Votes! Be the Lucky Voter and have a special 'dating' session with the Winner...

So give your VOTE NOW here:
2. SMS by texting: 'POP(space)Name of Your Angel' + send it to 99511 ---> bisa dilakukan sebanyqak-banyaknya...

3. Live Web Chat Interactive, powered by. (coming soon)

ps. Each Premium Member of has 100 votes, each GOLD member of has 500 votes per click!

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